I’ll be volunteering at this event today at a local bar. We are bringing in some dogs from the Newark shelter and hope to get some adopted! I will be helping people choose the dogs that best fit their family, and help answer any dog training questions people have. If you are in the … More Woofstock!!

Ask the Trainer!

Got some doggie behavior questions that you have been dying to get answered? Come on down to Montclair Feed and Pet Supply tomorrow from 9:30AM-10:30AM! I will be there to discuss any problems you are having, or to just ponder theories on why dogs eat grass and roll on dead animals. I’d love to see … More Ask the Trainer!

Maternity Leave!

Thank you all for your interest in and support of Side by Side Dog Training. Our newest little bundle arrived Monday, March 29th, and no, it was not a puppy! Joel Tiernan Walker is taking up a considerable amount of my time right now, but shows very early prospects of being as good of a … More Maternity Leave!