10% Discount Special

Side by Side is offering a 10% discount on your initial consult for adopted dogs


All consults include a personalized summary email and any appropriate handouts. While no dog trainer can absolutely guarantee results when working with two living beings: your dog and you, I do guarantee your satisfaction by offering lifetime email and phone follow ups. No hidden travel fees. There are no extra charges for aggression cases, but Side by Side Dog Training reserves the right to refer aggressive cases after the initial consult.

Initial Consult $140 / 1.5 hrs

  • Comprehensive history taken
  • Major problems identified and game plan for solving them formulated
  • Foundation behaviors/modifications taught

Follow up Consults $110/ hr

  • Review and fine tune of behaviors/modifications taught in previous consults
  • New behaviors introduced to help you move forward with the game plan
  • Work is done wherever needed, whether it is in the home, on a walk, at the park, etc.

Package of 3 Consults $310/ 3.5 hrs

  • Includes the initial consult and two follow up consults
  • Best for new puppies, basic behavior or obedience problems, or jump starting behavior modification of serious problems
  • Can be scheduled weekly or less frequently as needed

~~Day Training offered on a limited basis~~

Day Training- usually 6-12 hour long sessions spaced over several weeks- includes a “transfer session” Package pricing available during initial consult

Too busy to train your dog? Don’t send your dog away to be trained where you can’t supervise what is being done to your dog, and you and your dog will both suffer from the separation. Instead, bring the trainer to your home! Not only will we come in and train a solid foundation of good behavior in your home (where it counts the most!), but we will teach you how to continue that training after it is done!

Payment forms accepted:

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